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Lisa is a Facilitative Trainer, Professional Speaker, Kaleidoscope Consultant™
& the owner of LIT PATH Learning Centre Ltd.

Connecting head, heart and hands for authentically motivated productivity and results!

Lisa gives people the tools to help them discover their strengths, confidence, courage and peace so they can get where they want to go in life and career. She is a ‘reframing expert’ with a gift and passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations to refocus on their possibilities, expand comfort zones & let go of what holds them back.

Training sessions and consultations provide opportunities for people to connect head, heart and hands, individually and collaboratively, in a fun, interactive atmosphere where it is safe to have open, authentic conversations.

Her strategies create personal and professional centres for awareness, growth and results.

If you are looking for a warm, inspirational presenter with solid content that is relatable and applicable to your life and your workplace, you’ve come to the right place.

When you bring Lisa in to work with your group, you will see her passion & expertise for building spirit and expanding capacity in others. Lisa brings a palate of sessions for you to consider and successfully creates a memorable training experience. Talk with her about selecting modules from various sessions.

Her front end work with you ensures that each component is rich with content and activities that are custom designed to meet your vision and goals. With 20 years experience she will get to the core of what matters and infuse that into her time with your group.

How can I assist you? Where do you want to grow?

Call Today for a complimentary consultation (780) 686-2348.

Creating Leaders at Every Level© – Team Leadership Development
True Colors® Team Building – Identify strengths & work style, improve communication, build relationships
Increasing Your Deserve Level© – Authentic Empowerment & Self-Leadership. Dream a Bigger Dream and Start Living It.
Kaleidoscope & Teleidoscope Consultations™ – Powerful wellness, empowerment and achievement sessions for individuals and groups.


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